Are you a match for Mail Boxes Etc?

At MBE Business Service Centres it is all about you - the franchisee. We are very selective.

The financial rewards depend on your ability to apply the proven MBE Systems, but some people make better franchisees than others. We want the best possible match, so that you can thrive in the MBE environment.

Are you a hands-on operator?
An MBE business services franchise will only be granted on the basis that it is owner-operated. We know from experience that owner-operators achieve significantly better results than pure, hands-off investors.

Are you a team player?
At MBE we look for people who work well with others, are self motivated, energetic, able to get the best out of people, openly share and participate and want to make contributions to MBE’s overall success.

Are you a people person?
To effectively work in the MBE system, a franchisee must enjoy working with the public, have strong problem solving skills, understand the importance of providing outstanding customer service, be a good listener and be considerate of others.

A prospective franchisee must be prepared to embrace MBE's best business practices, which means every job done right, delivering the highest quality work possible.

We are looking for people with a high level of enthusiasm who are motivated to succeed. This means effectively managing your time and resources and that of others, being proactive in generating sales, learning new systems and procedures, thinking outside of the box for the best solution for customers and where needed, putting in the long hours to make the business work. But the most important thing is that you need to be excited about the prospect of being your own boss.

Franchisees must meet MBE's minimum financial requirements and be in a position to capitalise the franchise investment, including working capital and any personal living expenses during the set-up period.

With MBE we will there by your side when you open your doors and make your first sale. Before we leave you will have a good understanding of your services and have the direction and support you need to operate profitably for years to come.

We are always in search of new and exciting products and services that can improve the bottom line.

One of the major items MBE provides its franchisees with is a comprehensive, tailored marketing program. This further develops MBE's brand awareness and drives sales within your area. Each quarter MBE provides franchisees with a Marketing Action Plan This is tailored to suit the time of year and products that franchisees need to push. All artwork files are provided and the franchisee executes the program as per the supplied Marketing Planner. As with anything in life, the rewards you receive are in line with the amount of work you put in.

MBE uses a comprehensive franchise management tool called PoSSE to deal with all the details in running the centre. Ample training in the program is provided in the initial training period, as well as yearly updates. MBE even has a dedicated support team on email to answer any questions. MBE is also a retailer of Adobe software, which means that your centre will be up-to-date at all times, and be able to handle any file that comes along.

At MBE we are always willing to help you start a franchise. We are able to provide information on where to get financial assistance if you need it. We can evaluate your financial profile and aid you with the loan submission process. With the number of different loan options on offer, you benefit from our years of knowledge in this field.

The interior design of the MBE centres was carefully developed to create a pleasant and professional atmosphere. The centres are bright, cheerful and inviting as well as completely functional. The centre is designed so that clients can have 24 hour access to mail boxes and self service copy machines while at the same time providing franchisees ample work space. MBE has strong relationships with equipment vendors, enabling franchisees to receive ongoing support on photocopiers, printers, binders and other equipment. Every piece of hardware has been chosen for its ease of use and range of capabilities.

Step 1
You have just taken the first step towards the independence and security that MBE can provide. Carefully review the information on this website and be sure to jot down any questions you have. Our Franchise Manager will be happy to answer your questions and provide further information.

Step 2
To be considered for our franchise family, you need to complete an application form and send it to our head office for consideration. A copy of the application can be found in the franchise information kit available on request.

Step 3
Once your application has received initial approval, we conduct due diligence to make sure that you and MBE are a fit. We will work closely in this step to make sure all of your questions are answered. You can also contact current MBE franchisees in order to get a feel for what is to come. Meanwhile MBE will be evaluating your application, considering your qualifications, experience and level of enthusiasm. We will contact you to advise you as to whether or not your application has been approved. At this point the Franchise Agreement is signed.

Step 4
Once step three has been successfully concluded, a search for retail premises begins and a date is set to start training. This includes walking through all details associated with the opening and running of your MBE Business Service Centre.

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