10 tips for staying motivated with your business

As an entrepreneur or franchisee maintaining your motivation levels can at times be tough…

These roles require huge amounts of personal commitment and effort and often long periods of steady focus, strategic planning and decision-making.

As a franchise owner , you will have the support of your entire network behind you. But that doesn’t mean you have it easy when it comes to motivating yourself to get to work in the morning.

For when it gets overwhelming here’s what you need to know about how to stay motivated in your own business:

1) Create a routine

Motivation for small business owners starts from the moment you wake up.

Start the day the same way every morning and you will prepare yourself for the day. Try to:

  • Eat healthily
  • Get some exercise if you can
  • Review your plans and goals for the day
  • Experiment to find what works for you

2) Break your task lists down

Giving yourself the sense that you are constantly achieving your goals will prevent you from losing motivation in business.

Whatever the task, break it down into smaller component tasks when you create your task lists. By reframing your day-to-day this way, you can know that you’re regularly achieving little objectives. That’s something the human brain is wired to appreciate.

The same is true of your overall business goals:

If you’re shooting for the moon. You’ll only be disappointed if you don’t reach it. Aim for a series of smaller, achievable targets to visualise your progress. 3) Remember why you’re doing this

When you first opened the doors, you had a dream – a motivation for starting your own business.

That dream might have been being your own boss , saying goodbye to the old career you hated or retiring at forty-five.

Whatever it is, holding that image in mind whenever you fear that you’re losing motivation gives your hard work context.

4) Don’t sit – do

Sitting there and worrying about your problems has been proven to actually cause you more problems!

Reading some business motivation articles is all very well. Getting a little more information is almost always a good idea.

But you need to start putting your plans into action if you want to retain your motivation for business.

5) Get by with a little help from your friends

The people around you have a huge role to play in your motivation to be in the workplace. That’s why it’s so important, whether you’re looking into franchise opportunities or starting your own business, that you choose the team around you with care.

Choose for skills, of course. But choose for positive personality too.

6) Accept and learn from your mistakes

Buying a franchise means that someone will already have ironed out a great many of the tiny everyday failures you will experience as a new business owner. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty opportunities for you to make a mistake every single day…

The important thing to get your head around is that these things happen. They happen to every business owner. The real skill is to accept them, learn from them and so you don’t repeat them.

7) Stay positive

It sounds trite, but a positive attitude can take you a long way.

If you keep focussing on negative thoughts you will not only make yourself miserable, you may well start causing the very negative results that you keep worrying about.

8) Reward yourself (when you’ve earned it)

Running your own business is hard work. Sometimes, you need to recognise how far you’ve come.

When you achieve a hard task or reach a milestone, it’s time to reward yourself…

9) All work and no play

A little break makes for a great reward when you’ve had your nose to the grindstone for extended periods.

Entrepreneurs, by nature, tend to get obsessive about their businesses. It’s easy to see why:

Running a business takes a huge amount of work if you want to succeed.

Yet it’s important to remember to take a break. Every day. Take a little walk. Go get a little exercise (you’ll be able to work better afterwards). Be sure to eat as healthily as you can too.

Consider planning larger breaks for team activities and even holidays. Having something to look forward to makes even the flat days a lead up to something exciting.

10) Sleep

On top of getting proper amounts of rest, exercise and food, getting enough sleep is a huge factor when it comes to staying motivated about your business.

No task is so urgent that it’s worth losing a good night’s sleep over and ruining the next day.

What’s more, with a good night’s sleep, you’ll find that you’re able to tackle that task much more quickly and easily.

The most effective and motivated business owner is a well-rested one.

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