10 tips for staying motivated with your business

As an entrepreneur or franchisee maintaining your motivation levels can at times be tough… These roles require huge amounts of personal commitment and effort and often long periods of steady focus, strategic planning and decision-making. As a franchise owner , you will have the support of your entire network behind you. But that doesn’t mean […]

Franchise marketing strategy for your small business

Buying a franchise means you are the boss of your own business while boasting many of the advantages of a much larger company. One of those advantages is the power of franchise wide marketing. In most networks, your franchisor will provide things like national-level advertising – the sort of marketing you would never be able […]

Blogging and content marketing for your small business

Creating a content marketing strategy is key to making sure you are not wasting your time doing all of that blogging for your small business. Whether you have just opened your own start-up company or you are considering buying a franchise, you need to think about your content marketing strategy. Here’s why: Why is content […]

10 ways to promote your business online for free

The words “online marketing strategy” can make you imagine big numbers and high costs… Yet the beauty of the internet is that there are many ways to find more customers online for no cost at all. Here are 10 ways to promote your business online for free: 1) Boost your website SEO If you run […]

Writing for Social Media: 10 Tips you Can’t Miss.

Writing for social media is a little different than writing for other channels…at times it calls for approaches that wouldn’t work elsewhere. Giving your brand a voice that works online can be challenging but it’s necessary to stand out from the crowd – and if you’re a franchisee, you need to make sure that your […]

What is your Unique Value Proposition?

You might be starting your own business. You may be looking into buying a franchise. In both types of businesses, your Unique Value Proposition will play a major role in your future success. It's one of the key things you need to create as quickly as possible so you can immediately start trading with your [...]