Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) Opportunities

Franchise opportunities with MBE are a little different to others you might be considering…

Only with MBE will you be supported throughout your business’s growth and development. First of all, this means you get all of the professional training you need to run every aspect of your own franchise business.

Secondly: It means you get expert help choosing the perfect location for your Centre and setting it up so that it works as an efficient customer funnel.

Once you are up and running, you have the refined processes to make operating your business straightforward. You also have our whole framework of supplier agreements to help you get the best deals on everything…

Plus, we will be constantly collecting and analysing data so we can start guiding your growth right away.

Thousands of entrepreneurs in more than 40 countries around the world have already set up their own businesses with MBE.

We know what works. We will make your first location work too.

You get regular business

You will offer a range of services as an MBE franchise business. These services are needed by businesses of all sizes. They are not seasonal. They will not go out of fashion.

The result of this is a steady stream of business which you can rely on. As you expand your list of clients, this will grow too.

You get all of the training you need

You may already have skills or experience which make you the perfect fit to become an MBE franchisee. Whatever your experience level though, you still get professional training to ensure you know all of the ins and outs of efficiently running this kind of company.

From doing your accounts to following our specially-developed processes to planning your future growth and development, you will soon know everything you need to know to make your business a success.

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You grow and grow and grow

With your drive to succeed at the wheel and our perfected processes, data collection systems and network in the engine room, you are all set up to expand. All of our franchise opportunities are designed with growth and development at their core.

There is a reason why MBE has become one of the most profitable franchises in the world.

Looking for the right franchise for sale

Spotting a good franchise for sale is only the first step. The second is to balance your skills and experience against what the opportunity offers.

So, is buying a franchise from MBE the right choice for you?

Are you driven to succeed?

You will get the support you need at every step along the way. However, it is your drive and determination which will play two of the biggest roles in your future success.

Do you want to be your own boss?

You will receive ongoing training in every aspect of operating and developing your business. But all of the day-to-day decisions rest on you. After buying a franchise, you are your own boss. Every franchisee in the MBE network is an independent entrepreneur.


Do you want variety in your working day?

As an MBE franchisee, your range of services means you will work with businesses in every industry. They will need you to overcome a wide variety of communications challenges every single day. You will pack, store, ship, receive, print, design and a whole lot more…

Do you want to benefit from national-level advertising?

Not every franchise for sale comes with the same brand recognition and commitment to national-level marketing campaigns as MBE. You will benefit from not only MBE’s globally-recognised name but also all the future advertising campaigns we run on behalf of all of our franchisees.

Do you need to know more?

Find out if this is the best franchise to buy for you today. We are happy to discuss the opportunity you are interested in and whether you feel you are the right fit for it at any time. There is absolutely no cost or commitment on your part.

Get in touch with us now.


“Running a successful MBE is easy.

We have become part of the team with some of our clients – you can’t beat the
feeling of being appreciated as well as valued. It was an easy decision to re-sign at the end of our 10 year franchise agreement. You can run a successful business with as little as one employee plus yourself.”

Lyn & Steve from MBE
Charles from MBE

“We provide solutions to our customers.

The appeal of MBE was that it is a problem solver for small businesses, with mail, print and design solutions all at the one convenient location. From the very first day it has been about providing solutions to my customers problems, efficiently and effectively, ultimately becoming a valuable part of their day to day operations. The MBE franchise model is not rigid like a number of others, allowing the flexibility to be relevant and valuable to your local customers. For me MBE is all about having more control over my destiny.”

“The business model creates opportunity.

After spending 20 years in the corporate world, I was looking for a business
opportunity that would draw on my logistics, shipping and overall business skills. MBE was the perfect answer. The business model provides with me with a variety of opportunities to interact with similar minded business professionals, explore disparate yet connected revenue streams, challenge my creativity for unique points of differentiation in product and service stream offerings, and constantly innovate and reinvent. I never had this flexibility in the corporate world. Today, while gaining tremendous satisfaction from being the master of my own destiny, I can also enjoy the pleasures of a good work/life balance.”

Duncan from MBE

Affordable franchises. Valuable benefits.

MBE provides support at every phase of your transition from your regular job to becoming an entrepreneur. Having already helped entrepreneurs in 40 different countries make a success of their new businesses, we know where and when those vital trouble spots are likely to appear.

Financial planning and support play a key role in this:

Get treated with respect by financial institutions

Getting funding for your own start-up is notoriously difficult in the current financial climate. But securing funding for your new business is all the easier when your bank knows that you are going to be part of a known and reliable company like MBE.

We understand that although our opportunities might qualify as affordable franchises by some standards, for most people this represents a significant outlay which requires expert advice, thought and consideration. The MBE name enables you to get exactly that.

Rely on a framework of agreements

The MBE network is made up of thousands of entrepreneurs and is known around the world. That gives us some powerful bargaining power. Part of the reason our affordable franchises get to stay that way is the fact that we have a framework of agreements with all kinds of suppliers and specialists in other sectors.

In short, we have ways you can acquire all of the things you need to make a success of your business at the best possible rates.

Start with sound financial advice and planning

Some of those framework agreements are with leading financial institutions. Before you commit to anything, you can discuss potential methods of funding with an expert. Someone who is as motivated as you are to find the best methods for your unique situation.

Contact us now and talk to a specialist about low-cost franchises and take your first step on the path to becoming your own boss.

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