Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) Opportunities

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About MBE
  • More than 2500+ centres operating around the world
  • The number one postal and business services network in the world
  • 37 centres operating in Australia
  • Over 30 years of steady growth worldwide, with 25 years in Australia
  • An MBE centre opens somewhere every week
  • Uniquely, MBE is not a single product franchise
  • Low start-up investment
  • Low staffing requirements
  • Attractive trading hours
  • High calibre clientele

MBE is about family, integrity and trust. It is about loving what you do and if you are looking for a business that can make a difference in your community as well as in your life, then look no further than MBE.


Centres operating around the world

Centres operating in Australia

Years of steady growth worldwide

Countries worldwide

“Running a successful MBE is easy.

We have become part of the team with some of our clients – you can’t beat the
feeling of being appreciated as well as valued. It was an easy decision to re-sign at the end of our 10 year franchise agreement. You can run a successful business with as little as one employee plus yourself.”

“We provide solutions to our customers.

The appeal of MBE was that it is a problem solver for small businesses, with mail, print and design solutions all at the one convenient location. From the very first day it has been about providing solutions to my customers problems, efficiently and effectively, ultimately becoming a valuable part of their day to day operations. The MBE franchise model is not rigid like a number of others, allowing the flexibility to be relevant and valuable to your local customers. For me MBE is all about having more control over my destiny.”

“The business model creates opportunity.

After spending 20 years in the corporate world, I was looking for a business
opportunity that would draw on my logistics, shipping and overall business skills. MBE was the perfect answer. The business model provides with me with a variety of opportunities to interact with similar minded business professionals, explore disparate yet connected revenue streams, challenge my creativity for unique points of differentiation in product and service stream offerings, and constantly innovate and reinvent. I never had this flexibility in the corporate world. Today, while gaining tremendous satisfaction from being the master of my own destiny, I can also enjoy the pleasures of a good work/life balance.”

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