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Spreading awareness of your brand through effective promotional materials and products is a smart move for businesses of all kinds. However, there’s a big difference between a smartly-chosen promotional item and some tacky rubbish which is destined for the nearest recycling bin. If you take away nothing else from this article, remember that there is one key factor which seems to govern the promo items which people tend to keep. Being useful as well as being easy on the eye. With that said, here are some promotional giveaways which actually work…

1) Promotional pens and pencils

These classic promotional giveaway items are always in demand. Like the other leading entries on this list, the main argument in favour of pens and other writing implements as promo tools is the fact that they are highly functional. People always need things to write with. Writing implements also tend to be positioned in line of sight while in use, doing some good brand recognition work for you while their owner scribbles away. Almost every business or franchise owner has a stock of these items ready to distribute to everyone within reach.

2) Promotional tote bags

Custom tote bags also place highly on this list. Once again, because of the functionality and large brand recognition possibilities they offer. In the Australian market, with the recent ban of single use plastic bags totes are becoming a big part of weekly routines. If someone ends up using your tote bag to do their grocery shopping (remember to promote the planet-saving potential of doing just this when you give your bags away!) that’s a large amount of essentially free brand advertising they’re doing on your behalf. Tote bags also great if you’re exhibiting at a trade show. Give yours away first and you’ll soon have walking advertisements of your stand doing the rounds for you. Your bags will become immediately useful to carry all the other promotional materials they acquire during the course of the show.

3) Promotional USB drives

Sticking with the idea that utility and usefulness are key driving factors in what makes a good promotional item idea, we have branded USB drives. Although they may require a higher financial investment than many other promotional materials, they’re something which few people are willing to throw away. Plus, don’t forget that USB drives can be acquired in a huge range of styles and aesthetics to help make yours really stand out from the crowd. There are a number of other technology-related giveaway items which often find favour. But the humble USB continues to top the charts in terms of both popularity and the number of impressions it manages to create among diverse audiences.

4) Custom calendars

Another useful promo item which can often find its way long-term onto the desks and kitchen counters of people who acquire them is the custom promotional calendar. Again, they’re a highly functional item. Plus, they’re products many people don’t like paying for – especially if it’s intended to be used for work purposes. This makes them ideal as a promotional item. Not only they will be highly visible in an office but calendars tend to last for a full 12 months – so that’s how long most people will keep yours in view!

5) Custom drinkware

In Australia, promotional drinkware is the most popular promo item amongst most segments of the population. Not just for water bottles, this category includes a vast array of items designed for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. These include:
  • Ceramic cups and mugs
  • Reusable takeaway coffee cups
  • Engraved glasses and shot glasses
  • Water bottles and flasks
These items are – once again – very useful items. They’re also the kind of things which people use on a regular, even daily, basis. Falling again into the valuable category of ‘brand-in-hand’ for long term brand recognition.   These are the first kinds of promotional materials which any business owner should consider investing in and which any franchisee might expect the franchise opportunities they’re considering to provide stocks of. The powerful first impression and lasting brand exposure makes them a must have for any serious business. With so many effective options to choose from the hardest decision is simply which to try first?
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